Small Group Training - Is it for you?

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Small Group Training

Big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality!

Small Group Training offers the high-quality educational experience of personal training and the fun, vibrant, highly interactive, community-oriented nature of a group fitness class. Small Group Training, or SGT, also offers a more affordable (FREE for Lifestyle Members) alternative to traditional one-on-one personal training.

What Happens in Small Group Training, or “SGT”, classes?

Small Group Training classes are led by a trainer and structured small, usually between 3-10 people. SGT can incorporate equipment, circuit workouts, HIIT workouts, or machine equipment. Programs can also be equipment based, training oriented, or goal focused like a weight-loss training program.

Lifestyle’s SGT classes are often limited to 4 people to give you a truly personal experience. You can sign up with friends, or find your tribe with other members working on their fitness goals! Currently our classes incorporate the latest in fitness equipment like our Penalty Boxes, alongside more classic equipment like battle ropes and kettle bells. We also like to switch it up with different things, like sled push and farmer-carry, so don’t be surprised when you get a new and fun class each week!

What are the benefits of adding in Small Group Training?

  • Support

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

  • Adds variety to your fitness routine by introducing you to:

    • New Workouts

    • New and Different Equipment

    • Proper Technique

    • Members with Similar Fitness Goals!

  • Trainer Time

  • Adaptable to Goals and Needs

Still have questions about Small Group Training or group fitness classes? Contact us at, or stop in and ask one of our trained health and wellness professionals.

Kelsey Wiedel